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Originally from Miami, FL, Dr. Paul McMahon received his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Colgate University in upstate New York, and then attended medical school at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He began residency training as a neurosurgeon, in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Oregon Health and Science University. Realizing his passion was truly for mental health after three years of surgical and critical care training, he transferred to the Department of Psychiatry at OHSU to complete his training as a psychiatric physician. In addition to his years of medical training, Dr. McMahon has extensive experience with clinical research, and was a dual Doris Duke and National Institute of Mental Health Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. He has carried out award winning research on the clinical outcomes of concussion and traumatic brain injury, and his publications are currently the most highly cited articles in the Journal of Neurotrauma.

Now, Dr. McMahon is a Board Certified Psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. As a result of this extensive and unique training, Dr. McMahon has unmatched experience in his field. Drawing on his expert knowledge of neuroscience, scientific research, and evidence-based psychiatry, Dr. McMahon is devoted to providing each of his patients with the best evidence-based care possible. Alongside his position as medical director of the CCC, he operates his private practice in Oregon and Florida.

Dr. Brad Schultz is a licensed Psychologist and Director of Operations at Collective Care Clinic, LLC. He is an expert in the treatment of OCD and Anxiety-related disorders uses up-to-date evidence-based treatment modalities.

Dr. Schultz is passionate about helping clients facilitate opportunities for growth, understanding, and new perspectives. He will collaborate with you to develop coping skills and gain insight into your life’s circumstances. This includes breaking down barriers to help you navigate learned patterns of behavior, family dynamics, and automatic negative thoughts.

Dr. Schultz uses a blend of evidence-based treatments: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (E/P), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He seeks to create a supportive, curious, and relational space in order to target your main areas of concern.

Dr. Schultz specializes in working with the treatment of OCD and anxiety-related disorders, and is also trained in working with depression, trauma, men’s issues and couples’ therapy. Additionally, he sits on the International OCD Foundation’s local affiliate board in Oregon, OCD Oregon.

Dr. Schultz earned his doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) from Pacific University in Hillsboro, OR. He completed his post-doctoral residency at Collective Care Clinic in Portland, OR. In his spare time, you can find Dr. Schultz enjoying a variety of outdoor activities (hiking, biking, snow sports), spending time with his golden retriever, and cooking delicious food with his partner.

Keegan Baurer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of Clinical Services at Collective Care Clinic. He works with patients in the Intermediate Care Programs and the Extended Outpatient Programs. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychological Sciences from the Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology.

Keegan utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and evidence-based practices to assist clients in creating meaningful change within their lives. His interpersonal style has been described by patients as warm, personable, collaborative, and genuine. His clinical interests include OCD, phobias, social anxiety, and trauma. Keegan’s approach to therapy is to meet patients where they are at in their change process and provide them with the support needed to live in alignment with their goals and values.

Keegan is a specialist in treating various anxiety disorders via exposure and response prevention. He also has clinical experience in implementing behavioral activation to treat depression and utilizing cognitive processing therapy for the treatment of trauma. Keegan has extensive experience working with adolescent populations in residential treatment settings and is well-versed in behavior modification techniques. Keegan is certified in the treatment of body-focused repetitive behaviors (e.g., hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, etc.) by the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. Keegan is also certified in using Cognitive Therapy to treat a variety of conditions by the Cleveland Center of Cognitive Therapy.

Dr. La Torre is the Director of Training at Collective Care Clinic. She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Latinx psychology from Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology and her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She completed her postdoctoral residency at Collective Care Clinic and her internship at Sharp Mesa Vista Psychiatric Hospital.

Dr. La Torre works across the lifespan and uses an integrative approach to therapy using evidence-based interventions from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Exposure and Response Prevention to create individualized treatment plans that address each person’s concerns.

Having grown up in Quito, Ecuador, Dr. La Torre is a native Spanish speaker and bicultural therapist. She is passionate about providing the best care, in a collaborative, warm, safe, and accepting environment to help persons work towards a life worth living.

Madeline is a Staff Therapist at Collective Care Clinic in the Anxiety and Related Disorders and Adolescent Programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Oregon State University and a Master’s in Applied Psychological Science from Pacific University. Madeline completed her master’s internship and advanced training at Collective Care Clinic in the Anxiety and Related Disorders program working primarily with adolescents and adults who had struggled with OCD, depression, PTSD, social anxiety, and related conditions using evidence-based treatments.  Prior to Madeline’s advanced training, she had worked in structured residential settings managing acute crises with vulnerable populations.

Madeline has advanced training in and is dedicated to evidence-based practices. Madeline’s therapeutic approach utilizes the patient’s unique strengths to help move them towards living a value-based life. Her approach is collaborative and empathic; she strives to create a supportive environment when working with individuals and families. Madeline has particular interest and experience in working with individuals and families with diagnoses of OCD, social anxiety disorder, body focused repetitive behaviors (hair pulling and skin picking), depression, and panic disorder. She has particular interest in working with individuals who identify as LGBTQAI+ and BIPOC.

Jocelyn Chavez is a Qualified Mental Health Professional with a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychological Science from Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology. Jocelyn is a Psychologist Associate Resident working towards licensure as a Licensed Psychologist Associate (LPA).

Jocelyn utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in addressing client’s unfulfilled needs and
incongruencies in one’s identity and values to help clients become better connected with the person they want to be and the life they choose to live. Her clinical interests include trauma, depression, and anxiety, with a special focus on diverse populations such as the Latinx/Hispanic and LGBTQIA+
communities. Jocelyn utilizes a warm, person-centered approach with clients to create a safe and supportive space to explore vulnerabilities and afflictions.

Jocelyn incorporates evidence-based practices in her work and has a background in research and presentations in national conferences. Her research has focused on intersectionality of diversity factors as well as creating awareness and mental health resources for disadvantaged communities. Her clinical experience includes working with survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, Autism Spectrum Disorder in child, adolescent, and adult populations, as well as variations of
depression and anxiety disorders in adults.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. John Benson, PMHNP-BC received his undergraduate degrees in Nursing, History, and Philosophy from The University of Pittsburgh. He completed his Psychiatric Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner degree at UT Health in Houston, Texas. He is an alumnus of the Psychiatric Nurse Residency program at Menninger Clinic in Houston.

John has an extremely strong interest in evidence-based practice. He spends much of his free time reviewing journal articles and continuing education materials with the goal of providing an optimum treatment experience for his clients. In addition to his work with Collective Care Clinic, he operates a private practice in Texas and Oregon. His hobbies include travel, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weight lifting, watching movies, and spending time with his fiancee and their mischievous seven-pound poodle.

Preston Turner is a Qualified Mental Health Professional at the Collective Care Clinic. He works within the Intermediate Care Programs, including working with patients at the outpatient, intensive-outpatient, and partial hospitalization levels of care. Preston additionally works within the clinic’s adult and adolescent group intensive-outpatient programs. Preston holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychological Sciences from the Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology, as well as Bachelor’s Degree from Linfield University with an emphasis in music.

Preston Turner has extensive experience working in residential treatment settings with a variety of symptom presentations in populations spanning the lifespan. His interpersonal style has been described by patients as approachable, humorous, and kind. Preston’s clinical interests include working with adolescents and young adults experiencing anxiety-related disorders and depression. Preston specializes in utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention to collaboratively address the barriers in patients’ lives to identifying, promoting, and maintaining valued-based living.

Alie Bernard Garza is a Qualified Mental Health Professional at the Collective Care Clinic. She holds a Master’s of Social Work from the University of Washington in Seattle, with a concentration in integrated health and mental health.

Alie has extensive experience working with children, youth, and families in a variety of avenues including: psychiatric residential, mobile crisis response, suicide prevention, risk assessment, youth development, education, etc.

Alie’s clinical interests include OCD (Especially with ‘taboo’ themes or around harm, health, existential, somatic and religious/moral scrupulosity), Illness Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, ADHD and other anxiety and mood-related disorders. She utilizes ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and other evidence-based practices, to support clients in strengthening the skills in order to live a life that aligns with their values and passions.

Alie’s therapeutic approach has been described as engaging, humorous and collaborative. She’s passionate about using a “think outside the box” approach to come up with individualized steps with patients and their loved ones, towards their goals.

Outside of the clinic, Alie does advocacy work towards destigmatizing OCD and amplifying voices of those with lived experiences. Alie and her husband are also foster parents to teenagers experiencing housing instability, proud chihuahua parents and always on the search for the next best food truck opportunity (which luckily Portland has continued to provide).

Jodie is a Community-Based Skills Trainer at Collective Care Clinic with a Bachelor’s Degree from Oregon State University. Jodie has worked in residential treatment, partial-hospitalization, and intensive outpatient settings with children, adolescents, and adults. She has advanced, specialized training in providing evidence-based care for patients experiencing depression, behavioral concerns, as well as OCD and related anxiety disorders. Jodie is skilled at meeting patients where they are at and engaging them in their treatment plan goals.

Jodie values the role of schools and parents in a child’s treatment plan and associated goals. As such, Jodie regularly consults with her patients’ primary therapist, parents, and school team, as needed.

Molly earned her Master’s in Applies Psychological Science from Pacific University in August 2021. She began her school career At Concordia University Ann Arbor and completed her undergraduate degree at Portland State with a bachelor’s in psychology.

Much of her clinical experience expands across the lifespan from skill building with children and teens, to working with individuals going through the justice system. She specializes in treatment with depression, anxiety, OCD.

Molly enjoys working with groups, families, and couples. She utilizes evidenced based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Schema Therapy, and Mindfulness-based practices.

Emily Winn is a Qualified Mental Health Professional with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Portland State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Science from Vassar College. Emily works at the outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization levels of care. She has a particular interest in working with young adults experiencing anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Emily is passionate about closing the gap between research and practice. She has published research in Frontiers in Psychology and is dedicated to applying the most up-to-date evidence-based practices. Modalities Emily uses include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (E/RP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Emily practices within a strengths-based, relational framework, and is attentive to systemic contributors to presenting problems. She views therapy as a fundamentally collaborative endeavor in which both patient and therapist bring useful forms of expertise. In her spare time, she enjoys trail running, backpacking, and live music.

Jill Davidson, Psy.D. is owner and director of the Collective Care Clinic. She received her doctorate in clinic psychology from Pacific University in Hillsboro, OR. Prior to her role at Collective Care Clinic, Dr. Davidson founded the Portland Anxiety Clinic, a reputable anxiety and related disorders clinic dedicated to the use of evidence-based psychotherapies. She continues to oversee operations at Portland Anxiety Clinic concurrent to her role at Collective Care Clinic. Dr. Davidson is an expert in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders with a particular emphasis in families and child related presentations of obsessive-compulsive disorder and PANS/PANDAS.

Dr. Davidson has a passion for ensuring that individuals and families in our community receive the best care possible for their mental health concerns. She is specifically enthusiastic about the ethical practice of psychology and psychotherapy. This is exemplified by her position as chair of the ethics committee for the Oregon Psychological Association. Dr. Davidson also sits on the International OCD Foundation’s local affiliate board in Oregon and hosts the board’s meetings regularly. Her vested interest in caring for our community is the sole reason for her investment in the development of Collective Care Clinic.

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