Portland Anxiety Clinic introduces:

Collective Care Clinic

Where compassion and science meet.

Intensive mental health care with highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams in a comfortable setting for children, adolescents, and adults.

Our Approach

We tailor our treatment to the needs of the individual. Our focus and commitment to evidence-based methods and our specialized treatment plans set us apart from other programs.

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Our Services

Everyone that walks through our doors will be provided with services that meet the specific needs of that person. We collaboratively develop a roadmap together to identify each step toward a better future. Collective Care has developed specific programming that adheres to scientifically driven approaches to helping the individuals and families we serve.

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The Collective Care System

We are different than a hospital setting. No one stays overnight or is forced to find their way through a complicated medical center when joining us at Collective Care. We walk side-by-side with each person through their journey based on their expressed needs combined with staying true to our scientifically driven principles.

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